CT Paid family & medical leave bill advances to full General Assembly

A  paid family & medical leave bill has advanced to full General Assembly Thursday.
The bill won approval in the State Labor and Public Employees Committee this afternoon. The final vote on the bill was 9-4.
The bill would give Connecticut workers paid leave to care for themselves or family members.
Dozens of workers turned out to the State Capitol in February asking for paid family and medical leave.
The plan, which is a main priority of newly elected Gov. Ned Lamont, covers caring for yourself, a spouse, kids, parents, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren. It would come at a cost -- an extra half-percent of a person's salary each paycheck starting in July 2020.
"The program as presented, I believe, is an unsustainable program. I don't think it's transparent in the fact that, what it's actually going to cost and what it's going to take to run it," says state Rep. Dave Rutigliano, a Republican.
The bill must now be voted on by the Connecticut General Assembly.