CT plan mandating electric vehicle sales by 2035 to be discussed at Zoom hearing Tuesday

Could the sale of electric vehicles be mandatory in Connecticut by 2035? That’s what Gov. Ned Lamont is pushing for, and it’ll all be discussed Tuesday.
Lamont has announced he wants to join neighboring New York and New Jersey in requiring vehicle manufacturers to delivery 100% electric vehicles in over a decade.
A public hearing on the plan is set to be held on Zoom Tuesday morning.
The proposed regulations apply to only vehicle manufacturers, meaning new cars sold beginning in 2035 would need to be electric. Gasoline-powered cars could still be driven in the state, registered with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and sold as used cars.
Lamont says more zero-emission vehicles would cut down on the largest source of in-state emissions.
State lawmakers passed the Connecticut Clean Air Act last year.  Electric vehicles up to $50,000 now qualify for cash rebates under the act. The new law also allows for more EV chargers to be installed at apartment and condominium complexes.
According to the state DMV, EV registrations are up 20% since January, and 42% from a year ago.
Meanwhile, the Yankee Institute for Public Safety says the new policy would restrict residents’ freedoms, adding that the state is trying to force taxpayers to spend their money on expensive vehicles.
State Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly has requested Tuesday's Zoom hearing be delayed at least a week so it can take place in-person at the State Capitol with a remote option, adding the issue should not be discussed solely over Zoom.
The Zoom discussion begins at 9 a.m., and written comments can be submitted until 5 p.m. Wednesday.