CT remembers Sept. 11 fallen at annual ceremony

Relatives of Sept. 11 victims and mourners gathered at Sherwood Island State Park Thursday to remember their loved ones in the state?s annual ceremony.
The park is the site of the state?s 9/11 Living Memorial, located at Sherwood Point. As in years past, the victims? families gathered under the park?s pavilion.
Gov. Rell spoke about the families left behind and how they are still coping with loss every day. She also had a message for mourners. ?In the face of inhuman acts we can affirm humanity by choosing caring over cruelty and mercy over mayhem,? Rell said.
The names of the victims were then read aloud. Family members proceeded from the pavilion and laid white roses on the 9/11 Living Memorial.
Ceremony organizer Brian Mattiello said as long as family members want to attend the ceremony, it will continue to be held. He said he is not concerned with attendance and that if only one family member attends, the ceremony will still be worth having.
Initially, 151 Connecticut residents were on the list of those killed in the terrorist attacks. However, four names were added this year by victims? families who have since moved to the state.
To view the full Sept. 11 memorial ceremony, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.