Curbside pickup or in-person shopping? Here are 15 tips to shop safely on Black Friday

Black Friday shopping is going to look different again this year, as retailers continue to follow guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and keep everyone safe.
Below are some tips you should know before heading out to the stores:
1. Don’t forget your mask and avoid shopping if you’re sick
2. Check online for deals before you go. Some retailers are once again offering deals earlier than Black Friday, with many having certain sales only on specific days. See a list of stores with Black Friday deals here.
3. Check your local stores’ hours before you go. Depending on restrictions in your area, stores may open and close at different times.
4. Check what time the sales will run. Like in years past, some deals may only be in the morning, for a few limited hours.
5. When you arrive at the store, follow its rules as well as local government rules. 
6. Retailers will limit the number of customers into the store to reduce congestion and promote social distancing, so be prepared to wait on a line.
7. Look out for sanitized shopping cars - or bring your own sanitizing wipes to wipe it down. And don’t forget to wash, or sanitize, your hands.
8. During the shopping event, follow one-way aisle rules if there are any.
9. Be prepared! Make a list, so you know what you're getting before you get into the store, and that way you'll be in and out of the store faster.
10. Know your store! Some stores, like Home Depot, have apps that display a map of the store, and the exact aisle location and the current inventory available for the items you're looking for.
11. Check if there are limits on the items you want to buy.
12. Take advantage of contactless payment. Some retailers offer a mobile payment feature in their apps that will let you pay at the registers.
13. Some retailers will also let you skip the checkout line. Some stores have devices at stores to help you check out from anywhere inside the store.
14. If you shop online on Black Friday, and want to pick up at the store - pick a contactless curbside or delivery option so you don’t have to go into the store. Some stores will have your items ready in as little as one to two hours. Some retailers even offer to load the bags into your car, so you don’t have to go outside.