Danbury dealership buys murder victim’s car for mourning family

A Danbury car dealership did their part in helping out a family who is mourning the loss of a loved one.
Emily Todd, 25, was killed last month in Bridgeport and her car was then stolen by the murder suspect.
There were still two years left on Todd's car lease when she was murdered, so her family assumed they would have to pay it off.
The victim's family was also worried about what painful memories seeing the car again would bring.
Todd's uncle, Greg Henry, posted online "She loved that car but as you can imagine, Jenn {Emily's mom}, could not handle the thought of seeing it again as that monster was the last one to drive it after he took her life."
General Sales Manager of Danbury Kia, Sal Sinardi, gave Todd's family a reprieve after hearing what they went through.
"It was tragic," Sinardi said. "I mean I have a 21-year-old daughter and I was just heartbroken for him."
Sinardi says the car had some damage from the murder suspect but nothing that couldn't be fixed. He then paid off the car lease so the family wouldn't owe anything.
Henry shared the story on the family's GoFundMe account and since then Sinardi's inbox has been flooded with people thanking him.
Sinardi says the dealership will fix some of the damage and then likely sell it or send it to an auction.