Danbury FD buys drone to assist with calls

An important new tool is about to help a local fire department to assist others.
The Danbury Fire Department, like others, has relied on its trucks to fight fires and rescue those who are in trouble. But the department has purchased a $20,000 drone equipped with a heat-sensing camera that officials say can help them save lives.
The department had to get approval from the FAA and Danbury Municipal Airport because the drones can also be dangerous if flown improperly. It needed special approval because the department is within the airport's 5-mile approach zone. The GPS on most drones will automatically shut down the device if it's within that 5-mile zone, but that's not the case with Danbury's.
Members of the Danbury Fire Department will be trained on how to use the drone.
The money for the drone came from an anonymous donation.