Danbury police K-9 unit receives 3 emergency kits for its dogs

The Danbury Police Department's K-9 unit has received three potentially lifesaving emergency kits for its dogs.
The kits are all for the unit's three K-9s: Dirk, Cael and Gunner.
In addition to the kits, the dogs are also equipped with ballistic vests.
The kit includes tourniquets, needles to relieve pressure if necessary, and Narcan in case a dog overdoses on fentanyl.
If something were to happen out in the field to one of the dogs, other officers will be able to quickly identify the first aid kit, which has an orange tag on it.
The kit is so compact that the handlers can even take it with them.
The kits were donated to the department by Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo's wife, Liz, who is a registered nurse.