Darien company stocks up on running shoes to avoid supply chain crisis

A Darien small business is looking to beat a potential supply chain crisis by stocking up on items ahead of the holidays.
Megan Searfoss, a runner by trade, says opening during the pandemic was a risk that has put her on the fast track.
She says Vietnam is responsible for making most of the shoes she sells. When warehouses and factories there started closing down, Searfoss sprang into action.
Searfoss says she's spent over $150,000 to stock up on an extra 1,000 running shoes for the holidays and beyond.
"It is a big risk because I'm buying shoes right now that I'm going to be paying for in 60 to 90 days that I might not be selling for five months, but I'm confident that I'm doing the right thing and I'm starting to see it now," she says.
Searfoss says once the factories start opening, there's going to be more shipping issues. She says it used to take a brand $7 a pair to ship to her. It's now $35 a pair, so these shoes will end up costing the customer more.
"Right now, small business is where people are going to be finding their product," says Searfoss.
Searfoss also owns Ridgefield Running Company.