Darien figure skater sets sights on 2022 Winter Olympics

With the 2018 Winter Olympics drawing to a close, one Darien figure skater has her sights on competing for team U.S.A. in 2022.
Figure skating started out as a hobby for 15-year-old Emilia Murdock, but she quickly learned that she has big dreams for competing at the Olympic level.
Murdock started out with skating at local competitions, and has now won silver at Nationals twice.
“It wasn't as much of a like, we're just doing this for fun, I wanted to get somewhere in my skating,” says Murdock.
Last February, Murdock suffered a spinal fracture to her lower back, which held her off the ice for six months. After intense physical therapy, she is back in the rink training.
Murdock’s coach says the next four years will be crucial in making Team U.S.A.
Right now, Murdock is working on practicing new skills for her first competition of the season in May. She attends George Washington University Online High School.