Darien man charged with killing hotel worker asks Caribbean prosecutors to bring case to trial

A Darien man charged in the death of a Caribbean hotel worker appeared in court on the island of Anguillia.
Scott Hapgood emerged from the courthouse Thursday after an hour and read a short statement.
“I am grateful for the opportunity to appear in Anguillan courts today because every court appearance means we are one step closer to putting this nightmare behind us – a nightmare for my family but also for the people of Anguilla. We came to your beautiful island for a vacation, just like many thousands of others do each year. We came here because of how welcoming you all are. Unfortunately, my family and I were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in an instant a tragedy resulted that has changed our lives and yours forever,” Hapgood says.
He called on prosecutors to bring the case to trial as quickly as possible.             
The 44-year-old was on vacation with his family when he says he was attacked by hotel employee Kenny Mitchel inside his family's room.
Mitchel's toxicology report revealed the hotel worker had levels of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol in his system.
Lawyers for Hapgood say Mitchel was also out on bond after being charged with sexually assaulting the mother of his child.          
Hapgood says he was defending his daughters from Mitchel, who threatened him with a knife and demanded cash.               
Hapgood is due back in Anguilla next month for a five-day hearing.