Darien officials take field trip to examine flood causes

Members of Darien's Board of Finance went into the woods with the town's Department of Public Works to see what has been causing some of the flooding problems.
Bob Steeger, public works director, says the problem is a waterway that runs behind residents? houses. He took finance board members along to see the problem for themselves before they vote on money designated to fix it.
Steeger says the waterway needs to be re-directed away from the homes and into a holding pond. He says the pond would be fitted with several large pipes that would help distribute the water back into the ground.
The town says the project would cost in the $2 million range, according to Steeger.
First Selectwoman Evonne Klein says the Board of Finance has a big decision to make. The board will vote on Nov. 20, and Klein says she hopes the trip to the flood site will give officials the best information to make an informed decision.
If the money is approved, it would take several months to complete the project.
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