Darien residents fear big rigs pose big danger on Route 136

A community meeting was held Thursday to discuss plans to propose a truck ban on residential Route 136.Residents say trucks traveling along one portion of Route 136 are simply an accident waiting to happen. They say the road is primarily residential and is too narrow and winding for large trucks traveling at high speeds. Now, a group called ?No Thru Trucks? is preparing to lay their worries to rest by proposing a truck ban on the road between Darien and Rowayton. Residents say there is no need for trucks to use the route to get from South Norwalk?s industrial area to I-95. They claim Martin Luther King Boulevard was built for that reason alone and trucks are simply choosing not to use it.Residents say it shouldn?t take a tragedy for their voice to be heard. ?No Thru Trucks? will present their proposal to the Department of Transportation on November 21.