Vaccinated Darien woman says test shows newborn had similar antibody levels against COVID-19

A Darien mom tells News 12 that a COVID-19 antibody test she ran on her newborn daughter has made international news.
Early in her pregnancy, Amy Ibrahimi got the Moderna vaccine.
Following her daughter Zara's birth, she and her husband ran the test on her when she was an hour old.
Zara's results showed she had close to the same level of antibodies as her mother, which mimic the results of a Harvard study showing that babies born from vaccinated moms are protected against COVID-19.
The study also says pregnant moms have a robust immune response to the vaccine.
Ibrahimi posted a video about her story on TikTok, which received more than a million views.
The story was later picked by the British newspaper The Sun.
Ibrahimi says she is grateful people are interested in learning about pregnant women getting vaccinated.
On Wednesday, she and her husband met with Sen. Richard Blumenthal and informed him of their findings.
Blumenthal will share their news with the National Institutes of Health.