Data: Wegovy is beneficial for weight loss and reduces heart attack and stroke risk

New data shows that the weight-loss drug Wegovy not only helps people lose weight but reduces their risk of stroke and heart attack.
Researchers looked at data from 17 thousand people who have heart disease and are also overweight or obese.
They found the drug lowered their chance of heart attack and stroke by 20%.
Dr. Maria Asnis of Stamford Health's Cardiometabolic Center says she has seen the impact Wegovy has had on her patients.
"Normal blood sugar levels, normal cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure numbers and normal weight," says Asnis. "With their hard work and with medication, it's possible and definitely happens. And it can be 20 pounds, 30 pounds, sometimes more."
Additional benefits include improving insulin sensitivity which helps the body process carbohydrates, increasing production of a hormone produced naturally in the small intestine and helping people feel full faster.
However, Wegovy does cause acid reflux and nausea.
The medication currently costs more than $1,300 a month and as of now, most insurance carriers do not cover it.
Doctors hope the clinical trial data will improve insurance coverage.
Some employer-based insurances do cover Wegovy and lawmakers just passed legislation for Connecticut Medicaid to cover it.