Day 2 of the Santa deliveries hosted by the Norwalk Fire Department

Firefighters are on Day 2 of the Santa deliveries for their annual holiday tradition.
It's the 25th year for the Norwalk Firefighters Local 830, a tradition that began in 1998.
Firefighters distribute gifts around the neighborhood with Santa and his elves. 
“Anything we do, we get so much support from the community. The least we could do is something like this to give back," Norwalk firefighter Nick Lipeika said. "We're seeing second-generation kids receive toys that their parents received from the same delivery, and I think that's just amazing."
Firefighter Lipeika says it's all about keeping tradition alive.
"The guys who did it before us for the past 25 years have done such an excellent job, we're just trying to live up to their standard," said Lipeika.
For three nights this week, the Norwalk Fire department will make more than 100 stops, delivering presents to kids in Norwalk.