Dead dog found locked in cage, abandoned in Bethany

A public works official found the dead dog locked inside of a crate and abandoned in the woods in Bethany, officials say.

News 12 Staff

Jul 2, 2019, 3:16 PM

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A dead dog was discovered locked inside of a crate and abandoned in the woods in Bethany, officials say.
The discovery was made by a Woodbridge public works employee Monday.
Woodbridge Animal Control officials wrote in a Facebook post that the dog was left without food, water or protection from the sun.
"Neither of the officers here last night slept very well," says Karen Lombardi, lead Woodbridge Animal Control officer. "It's just, it affects us. It affects us emotionally, we're animal lovers, we care. It's just a tragedy that could have been avoided."
Officials say they also believe the dog was alive inside of the cage prior to being found.
The female dog is described as a gray and white-colored pit bull mix with a purple-colored collar.
Laura Torrence has a passion for animals. When animal control released the pictures of the dog, the Woodbridge resident said she wanted to help.
"That dog could have been somebody's pet and gone onto a nice life and given families a lot of enjoyment, so there's no excuse as to what's happening," says Torrence.
A local animal organization named One Big Dog offered a $1,000 reward for any tips that lead to an arrest. Torrence matched it.
"I hoped it would really get the attention of the public because this is a disturbing case for anyone who loves animals," Torrence says.
Animal control is asking anyone with information to contact Woodbridge Regional Municipal Animal Control at (203) 389-5991.
Animal cruelty can be a felony crime in Connecticut. It could be a misdemeanor charge if ruled an accident.

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