Deadline gets closer to pass state budget

Top state lawmakers say today it's more likely Connecticut will not have any budget in place after Friday, and that even includes a provisional one.
It could mean a "nuclear option" where extremely deep cuts go into effect immediately.
One place that would be affected by the immediate cuts is the Human Services Council in Norwalk.
A substance abuse program training people on how to use Narcan, the life-saving heroin antidote, could be completely eliminated. The center also interviews children in abuse cases, a crucial service for police and the Department of Children and Families.
But all that could be in jeopardy with up to a 15 percent cut on the horizon starting Saturday.
"It's frightening for a small agency like ours,” says Kim Killoy, with Human Services Council. “Although we've been in place since 1944, the programs that we provide are critical."
The state of Connecticut will not have a budget after Friday, meaning money for everything for schools to the things they provide at the council is up in the air.
Gov. Dannel Malloy offered lawmakers a temporary three-month budget, but after pulling an all-nighter Monday night, top Democrats say they do not have the votes to even get that passed.