Deadline looms for Connecticut residents in need of health insurance

The deadline to enroll for Connecticut's version of the Affordable Care Act is less than two days away.
People came out in big numbers to Ferguson Library in Stamford Thursday to sign up for Access Health CT.
Starting on Jan. 1, there will no longer will be a tax penalty for not having health insurance.
Although the law still requires people to have health insurance, the Trump administration no longer penalizes people if they do not.
Applicants only have two insurance carriers to choose from, and many plans will cost more in 2019.
"There are a lot of plans available now," says Karen Perez of Access Health CT.  "There's a lot of cheaper plans. If you come in, you can compare them."
In spite of that, so far 95,000 people have signed up in Connecticut.
The deadline to sign up is Saturday night.