Deep Dive: Connecticut has the highest teen vaccine rate in the tri-state area

As school is underway there has been a big push to get teens vaccinated - but is the effort working?
In this week's Deep Dive, News 12 is checking back in with the team at Investopedia to get the latest on teen vaccination rates in Connecticut.
Last month, Connecticut had the highest teen vaccine rate in the tri-state area, and that pattern continues.
But when looking county-to-county, the numbers are very uneven, says Caleb Silver.
"Take Fairfield County where 70.3% of teens between 12 and 18 years old have been vaccinated compared to Litchfield where only 57.5%, New Haven at 60.6%, and Hartford with only 58.3% of its teenagers being vaccinated," says Silver.
Since Labor Day, and the start of school, the numbers are showing that more teens are getting vaccinated than adults.
In New Haven County, there has been an increase in teens being vaccinated by 4 percentage points. That is the highest growth rate of any county in the Connecticut area.