Deep Dive: Connecticut renters expected to pay 5% more in 2022

The rental market in Connecticut has been fluctuating during the pandemic, and it's expected to get more expensive in 2022, experts say.
Caleb Silver from Investopedia looked at the numbers.
Connecticut has seen higher rent prices like most of the country and the estimates for the rise in rental prices next year look to be more expensive.
In Fairfield County, prices are expected to rise 5% in 2022 or about $95 per month on average.
 Rent in Litchfield County will be up 4% or about $52, New Haven is expected to see a rise of 1.9%, Hartford bucking the trend down 3.3%, it is one of the only major counties you will see rent decreases next year, according to HUD.
Silver says the increase in rent could contribute to an economic slowdown if people are spending more money on rent and less on other items.