Deep Dive: Connecticut wage growth slowing after highest national gain in 20 years

After seeing the highest wage growths nationally, Connecticut's higher than average wage growth is beginning to slow.
Caleb Silver with Investopedia broke down the numbers in Connecticut.
Silver says wage growth across the country is at 8.86% since September of 2019, and that Connecticut did see a big bump in wages in the early part 2020.
Silver says the bump has kind of flattened out, and over the past two years, wages only up 1.65% in Connecticut, but the average hourly wage in Connecticut is higher than the U.S. average.
Connecticut wages average $33.93 an hour verses the $30.81 across the country.
Paychecks have grown the most in leisure and hospitality where nationally, there was also the steepest job losses over the past year and half because of the pandemic, but that is where the hiring has been.
Leisure and hospitality wages are up 15.7% in the past two years, still while the average pay in that industry is $20.54.
Services repair and maintenance jobs wages are also up 12.3%, civic jobs as well.
Education and health services wages are up 10.2% over the past couple of years and wage growth in Connecticut has been slowing overall over the past year.