Deep Dive: New Haven, Hartford counties see unemployment figures above national average

Caleb Silver with Investopedia looked at the latest unemployment figures across major counties in Connecticut and what impact the numbers have on the entire economy in the state.
Silver says Connecticut is faring the best of the tri-state area in terms of unemployment levels, but the major counties still have unemployment levels higher than the national average.
New Haven and Hartford counties saw unemployment levels for July of 7.3%.
Fairfield County had 6.8%, and in Litchfield, 5.9%.
Silver says a high level of unemployment could impact consumer spending going forward and the overall economy.
Silver says the government sector, which employs a lot of people in Connecticut, is still recovering, and down about 7,000 jobs from those pre-pandemic levels.
He says leisure and hospitality, which employs a lot of people throughout the state of Connecticut, has been recovering, but it is still lower than its pre-pandemic levels.