Deep Dive: Valentine's Day costs up as spending expected to increase

Valentine's Day spending is expected to increase to about $23.9 billion this year as prices rise due to inflation.
The spike in spending is bigger than last year, which was $21.8 billion.
The price of most items is up everywhere, according to Caleb Silver, of Investopedia.
Silver says a traditional Valentine's Day steak dinner will cost extra because beef prices are up more than 60% across the country. He says pricier cuts of meat like filet mignon are up 62.5%
However, Silver says Connecticut seafood prices are still OK, and consumers can expect to find good deals on oysters and other seafood in that state.
Silver says a traditional bouquet of a dozen roses are up 54.5%, a box of chocolates up 9%, and a bottle of red or white wine or a bottle of champagne are all up 2.5%.
Even more expensive gifts like diamonds are up 14.9%, while gold and silver prices have come down from last year.