Deep Dive: Women's products cost more in Connecticut thanks to 'Pink Tax'

The pink tax has been around forever and is still prevalent in Connecticut especially in personal care items targeted toward women, Caleb Silver from Investopedia says.
In Connecticut, items like women's razors are almost 25% more than men's razors, deodorant is 12.6% higher for women than for men and shaving cream is 9.74% higher for women than for men.
Although the 'Pink Tax' is not a real tax, the phrase was coined to point out that women's products do cost more nationwide. 
Silver says not only are women's products more expensive than men's, there is also a wage gap.
Silver says the wage gap is very real, and in the state of Connecticut women earn about 72% of what men earn on average depending on the job, but that is the state average.
It is worse in some counties, especially in Fairfield and Litchfield but better in New Haven and Hartford, Silver says.
Silver says women also earn less nationwide.