Thunderbolt 12: Surveying road conditions as snow switches to rain

News 12 Connecticut's Caren Pinto was in Thunderbolt 12 surveying road conditions as the slushy rain and snow mix switched over to rain Wednesday evening.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Steve Teeling says overnight will be stormy with any snow changing over to rain, possibly heavy at times. There is also a chance for a thunderstorm or two.
Department of Public Works crews throughout the region spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning preparing for what could be a busy afternoon and evening.
DPW crews in Newtown say they began salting and sanding the roads around 7 a.m. Wednesday.
Crews were tackling the main roads before transitioning over to secondary roads.
Officials want to remind residents to be careful out on the roads - especially on any bridges, which have the possibility to freeze over faster.