Department of Transportation asks commuters to help with spotted lanternfly rise

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is asking commuters to help stop the rise of spotted lanternfly.
They say the creature can suck the life out of apple trees, grape vines and several other crops and plants.
They will grab on to your vehicle, your truck bed,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation representative Josh Morgan. “So the service areas, the service plazas, the commuter lots, those are just natural points for where people are going to be stopping and where this bug can hop off and do its thing or maybe go get onto another vehicle.
The DOT added since the bugs are natural hitchhikers, rest areas are good places to fight them.
Every service area in the state has a sign reminding people to be on the lookout for the bug and to check their vehicle.
The spotted lanternfly has already been found in 14 states including Connecticut.