Dept. of Health: Flu deaths in state have risen to 29

The state Department of Health announced Thursday that the number of flu deaths in the state has risen to 29, and it's only halfway through the flu season.
They say there are always serious concerns anytime there are reports of deaths from the flu, but that on average they are noticing cases - at least in Fairfield County - have not been as severe.
Dr. Sanjeev Rao at Bridgeport Hospital says he believes the flu vaccine could be more effective this year and urges everyone to get a flu shot if they haven't already.
He also says the number of deaths has decreased in comparison to last season, which saw 184 flu-related deaths.
"People are coming in here not complaining as much as previous years. In previous years, they would come in and say 'I've been hit by a truck,"' says Rao.
Dr. Rao says the flu can cause death when mucus gets into your lungs, leading to pneumonia.
Doctors urge anyone who thinks they might have the flu or a bad cold to get it checked out.