Diabetes Awareness Month: Bridgeport musician uses music to inspire healthy living

Bridgeport singer is using her music to promote healthy living during November, which is Diabetes Awareness Month.
Ebony Hemsley-Crawford, also known as EboWarrior, performs music that is a mix of reggae, gospel and soul and has gained thousands of fans on social media.
"This has always been in my genes, in my blood,” she said. "Once you command the stage – you’ve got to command your audience."
The 26-year-old originally from Jamaica told News 12 she works in health care but spends her free time focusing writing and producing music.
Hemsley-Crawford says because her mom has diabetes, she wants to encourage people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
She tells News 12 her mother, who is a pastor, is her biggest fan.
"My mom and I have a really good relationship. When it comes to my music, she’s my number one supporter,” said Hemsley-Crawford. "Doing my music helps to cheer her up a lot."