Disabled Bridgeport woman's house condemned due to 'unlivable' conditions

A disabled Bridgeport woman's home is set to be condemned by the Health Department due to mold, water damage and infestation. The property is owned by a former Bridgeport Fire official.
Jessica DeJesus is blind and has three young children -- one of whom is disabled. They have been living in the home where conditions are so bad, public health officials have deemed it unlivable.
"It's very sad to know that somebody that we're supposed to count on to save lives, to be there for others, is treating a person with a disability, or people with disabilities or a family with children this way," said DeJesus.
Disability advocate Elizabeth Greenwood, who is also blind, teamed up with East End resident and former City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez to get the city to act.
"It always seems that people feel that you're disabled, I can step on you. It's not right. We're human beings and we deserve the same treatment as the next person," said Greenwood.
They say health officials have now condemned the property, which public records show is owned by former high-ranking city fire official Harold Clarke, Sr. They say problems with his property ranging from severe infestation to mold and water damage.
Clarke has not responded to News 12's request for comment.
A News 12 viewer, who asked to remain anonymous, says he will buy all new furniture for the family.