Doctor details how hyperbaric oxygen therapy works in light of Fotis Dulos suicide attempt

With murder suspect Fotis Dulos reportedly being treated with a hyperbaric chamber at a Bronx hospital, a Fairfield doctor detailed how the process works.
Dr. Adam Breiner of Whole-Body Medicine LLC says oxygen is a miracle molecule. The hyperbaric chamber at Whole Body Medicine is a tube for patients to experience a 100% oxygen environment under pressure.
"Baric means pressure. Hyper means excess. Hyperbaric. Excess pressure," says Breiner.
Breiner says burn victims treated in the hyperbaric chamber receive between 2 and 2.4 atmospheres of pressure.
"Someone who is carbon monoxide inhalation, we're gonna take this particular chamber to its maximum treating pressure, which is about 3 atmospheres," says Breiner.
Hyperbaric chambers help patients receive life-saving amounts of oxygen that can help revitalize parts of the brain thought to have been lost during traumatic brain injuries.
Doctors say carbon monoxide patients go through three or four hyperbaric treatments at major medical centers to get them back to normal oxygen levels.