Doctors: Flu season hitting western Connecticut

<p>Preliminary numbers from the state&nbsp;Health&nbsp;Department&nbsp;show 30 reported cases of the flu last week, and 23 cases the previous week.</p>

News 12 Staff

Oct 16, 2017, 4:43 PM

Updated 2,410 days ago


Don't let the recent warm weather fool you -- flu season is hitting western Connecticut right now.
Preliminary numbers from the state Health Department show 30 reported cases of the flu last week, and 23 cases the previous week.
Dr. Michael Parry, the chief of infectious diseases at Stamford Hospital, says those figures serve as a warning to protect yourself from the flu.
"Since you need two weeks to get immunity after a flu shot, it's time to get your flu shot," says Parry. "Don't wait until the flu season is raging in the community, because then it may be too late."
Parry adds that now is the time to get vaccinated, in part because doctors have rapid flu tests on hand before flu season kicks into gear in November.
Parry says those most at risk of catching the influenza virus are those with weak immune systems, underlying lung or heart issues and babies, because their airways are not fully developed.
Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated, but has noted that the intranasal method has shown to be less effective than the injectable iteration.

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