Doctors warn of health conditions in extreme temps

With the temperatures expected to plummet overnight Wednesday, southwestern Connecticut doctors are warning residents about possible health conditions involved with frigid temperatures.
Doctors say dressing in layers is the key to staying warm. They say a wardrobe consisting of several shirts, a sweater and a warm coat is usually the best way to dress in cold weather. They also say residents should cover their extremities by wearing gloves and hats.
?[One of] the consequences of not dressing appropriately [is] hypothermia, which is a drop in body temperature,? Dr. Syed Reza, of Norwalk says.
Reza also says young kids and the elderly are especially at risk to the effects of cold weather. Reza says the risk of heart attacks in elderly patients increases when they are out in the cold for a prolonged period of time.
Meteorologists predict the temperatures could drop into the single-digits overnight.
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