Doctors weigh in on health of rescued Thai soccer team

Western Connecticut doctors say the rescued Thai youth soccer team and their coach have a long road ahead for recovery.
Eight of the 12 boys were rescued between Sunday and Monday. The remaining four boys and their coach were brought to safety Tuesday morning. They were stuck underground for more than two weeks.
News 12 spoke with doctors who say there are some temporary and possibly longer-term physical and psychological issues they may be dealing with.
Doctors say some of those rescued could be depressed and be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, which could result in sleeplessness, flashbacks and even nightmares. They say the boys had little oxygen and were dehydrated, putting a lot of stress on the heart, lungs and brain that could lead to confusion and dizziness.
"When they were in the cave, they were dealing with a lot of issues including oxygen deprivation, darkness, dehydration and issues with not having food, not having nutrition," says Dr. Michael Schwartz, of Soundview Medical Associates.
Doctors expect the kids will recover much quicker than their 25-year-old coach in the long term.