Documentary honors Mabel Osgood Wright, founder of the Connecticut Audubon Society

A new documentary film honors Mabel Osgood Wright, founder of Connecticut Audubon Society and the Birdcraft Museum and Sanctuary in Fairfield.
Filmmaker Karyl Evans made the film after talking with members of the Fairfield Garden Club who says Wright is also their founding member.  
Evans says Wright wrote 30 books on conservation and worked with legislators to pass national laws for bird conservation in the U.S.
Evans says Wright was not only a conservationist, but she was a landscape photographer.
Many never-before seen images and literary notes are being shown in the documentary.
The film, "Mabel Osgood Wright: Pioneering Conservationist," premiered Thursday at the Fairfield Museum in collaboration with the Fairfield League of Women Voters.
Evans is the owner of Karyl Evans Productions in North Haven, and has produced over 100 historical documentaries over the past 30 years.