$30M in additional security funding available for CT religious facilities

An additional $30 million is now available from the federal government to beef up security to protect religious facilities in Connecticut after a wave of anti-Jewish attacks across the tri-state area.
Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy made the announcement Thursday.
The state’s top leaders met at the Jewish Community Center in Woodbridge where they discussed how to spend the additional funds. They included enhanced cameras, doors and windows, as well as guards at places of worship.
"Each community needs to make its own decisions about whether they need armed guards or not,” says Steve Ginsburg, of the Connecticut Anti-Defamation League. “It really depends on the nature of what's happening in that moment, and the community's sensibilities.” 
The new money may go beyond security to also include education. A new law requires Holocaust classes in schools.
"We also need to have a conversation about how we get to the roots of anti-Semitism, and frankly, how we get to the roots of religious bias at large," says Sen. Murphy.
Sen. Blumenthal is also pushing Congress to pass the "No Hate Act,” which would upgrade hate crime reporting systems and create state-run hotlines to report tips.