Domestic violence survivor warns about dangers of abusive relationships

A domestic violence survivor is warning the public about the dangers of abusive relationships.
Maria Lopez, 57, discussed a disturbing encounter that she was involved in earlier this month. Bridgeport 911 received a call about 10 family members involved in a fight in the city's West End.
Lopez, who says she is a longtime survivor of domestic violence, shared video of the incident that she captured on her home surveillance camera. She says family members came to her home after a domestic violence incident at another address and forced their way into her home. Lopez tried to keep them out and says they really could have hurt somebody.
Lopez says she's lucky the incident only resulted in minor injuries.
"When it comes to domestic violence, please report it," says Lopez. "Please report domestic violence! If they hit you once, they will hit you again and again and again until they kill you. So report it and stop it!"
Police say the fight in the West End is still under investigation.
Domestic violence experts and police tell News 12 that Lopez is performing a valuable public service by sharing her personal story.