“Don’t feed the geese.” Giving bread to geese could cause health problems

“Don’t feed the geese.” That’s the message being sent out by Dutchess County officials.
In a post on Facebook, LaGrange officials say that feeding geese in the parks causes very harmful health issues for the birds.
They say while it may seem like a fun activity, or that you are helping the birds, it is actually quite the opposite. Giving the birds bread or crackers causes nutritional deficiencies and irreparable health issues like Angel Wing.  Angel Wing in birds is a deformity in the last joint on one, or both, wings. The result is the wings twist unnaturally outward rather than lying flat as they should. A bird with Angel Wing will remain deformed and unable to fly.
In addition, the geese cause messes which are completely unsanitary on walking paths and sports fields.
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