‘Don’t stop, keep going.’ Norwalk boxer Shakha Moore talks perseverance and his title win

After 26 years of professional boxing, Norwalk's Shakha Moore can finally raise his arms in victory.
“I guess it was God telling me, ‘Don't stop, keep going,’” says Moore.
In June, the 47-year-old won the USBF Welterweight title 26 years into his career.
As Moore pondered his career’s conclusion, his wife Ilka was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.
“She beat it, got it all. She’s a fighter, just like me,” Moore says.
Then the call came, and he knew it was his shot for the title.
“I'm going to win this or not win this, but whatever happens, this will be my last fight,” he recalls saying to his wife.
Moore is now easing into retirement.