DOT to repair 2 more overpasses in Riverdale

With one construction project already in progress, the Department of Transportation is about to begin work on two more along the Henry Hudson Parkway, raising concerns among drivers.
According to DOT officials, the 246th Street and Riverdale Avenue overpasses are in need of major improvements, including new decks, fences and sidewalks.
Local residents, however, say they are weary of the DOT based on past experiences. The 252nd Street overpass project is years behind schedule and nowhere near completion, resulting in heavy traffic and congestion in the neighborhood.
Transportation officials argue, however, that the reason the 252nd Street project drags on is because the overpass had to be completely rebuilt. In contrast, the 246th and Riverdale Avenue bridges merely need to be spruced up.
Drivers in the area say they support attempts by the DOT to improve safety conditions on the overpasses, but they want city officials to establish a reasonable timetable and stick to it.
According to the DOT, the two new projects should not take longer than eight months to be completed from the beginning of construction in October. In order to speed up the process, Community Board 8 voted to have both bridges repaired at the same time.