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Drivers ask where snowplows were during November snowstorm

<p>The roadways were so packed in Stamford that plow drivers had to get a police escort to pass through.</p>

News 12 Staff

Nov 16, 2018, 8:53 PM

Updated 2,042 days ago


Angry drivers flooded social media about the lack of snowplows out on the roadways in western Connecticut during Thursday's storm.
The snow came down up to 2 inches per hour Thursday right as rush hour was getting underway. It took many drivers hours to get home and plows had a hard time getting through all the traffic.
New Stamford Operations Director Mark McGrath says all the snow and all the cars hitting the road at the same time meant lots of stalled cars that kept plows from moving.
"They were out there," says McGrath. "We had 40 to 60 trucks out there."
It got so bad in Stamford that plow drivers were given a police escort to get through the roadways.
"Cars weren't allowing them to go by," says McGrath. "We had to get a police escort one or two times."
Department of Transportation officials say the snowplow drivers got stuck in milelong backups and are unable to work. Road crews say the solution is if you know snow is going to hit close to rush hour try to leave work ahead of time so the plow drivers can do their job.

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