Drivers say construction on Route 7 in Wilton damaged cars

A stretch of Route 7 in Wilton has been freshly repaved, but some drivers say they're still upset because the construction damaged their cars.
The state Department of Transportation began construction back in June, milling a 2.16-mile stretch of the road.
Some drivers say the road conditions during that time damaged their cars.
"The inside right front tire was slashed very quickly by one of the water main caps and I lost all the pressure in my tire in less than 10 seconds," Rita Bosch, of Wilton says.
Another resident, who wanted to stay anonymous, got into an accident because they say there was nothing to guide the cars.
"On Route 7 there was no yellow line, no white line, and no cone. So, she hit my car and it's very scary, it's lucky I'm still alive," they say.
Last week, Rep. Keith Denning held an informational session to help people submit a claim to the state.
While commuters now have a smoother drive, Bosch says she is still frustrated.
"I feel like if they weren't going to reimburse for the full amount should have at least reimburse for half," says Bosch.
A spokesperson from the state DOT says the project was done within normal standards and says in part, "...Signage alerting motorists of grooved pavement and raised structures is also posted throughout the work zone during the project. We remind motorists to slow down and pay attention when traveling through work zones."