DROUGHT WATCH: Drought conditions likely worsen, no significant rain chances until next week

WHAT’S NOW: Drought conditions likely worsen as no significant rain chances are in forecast until next week.
WHAT’S NEXT: Eyeing Monday and Tuesday for at least some rain.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren says the next chance for significant rain won't be until Monday evening. This comes as New Jersey deals with a drought watch and residents are urged to conserve water.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny, warmer and humid. Highs in the upper-80s.
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, highs just shy of 90, feels-like it with humidity.
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Thin high clouds, warm and humid. Highs in the upper-80-s.
MONDAY: Possible PM thunderstorms, otherwise sun and clouds, highs in the mid-80s.
TUESDAY: BEST CHANCE FOR RAIN! Passing showers, mostly cloudy, temps in the low-80s.