Easton EMS to mark 75 years of service with fundraising firework display

Easton EMS is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a fireworks fundraiser next month, one of several efforts to raise money to build a new facility for the Easton Volunteer Fire Department.
Jonathan Arnold gave News 12 a tour of the facility that has been in use by the EMS since 1988. Before that, EMS was in the back of the building working out of a tent for 40 years.
The basement of the facility is asbestos-laden. Arnold says the Boy Scouts built the foundation of the building in 1926. The upper part of the building was used as a dance hall.
Arnold says the building’s condition has made it hard to attract new volunteers.
“It’s a challenge, for sure,” he says, just to keep track of records and return calls and emails.
The EMS is fundraising and hoping to get money from the town – Arnold says about $2 million to $3 million would be needed to build a new facility.
The fireworks display will be held near the Samuel Staples Elementary School on Sept. 18.