Easton Fire Dept. remembers lieutenant killed during Superstorm Sandy

When the calls came into the Easton Fire Department from Superstorm Sandy 10 years ago, there was one in particular that changed the department forever: a reported structure fire.
Lt. Russell Neary responded to the scene. A number of trees fell on the engine while Neary was still inside, trapping him.
Other Easton firefighters responded to get him out. Firefighter Dave Davies rode in the ambulance with Neary, who later died from his injuries.
"He was just one of those go-to guys that if there was something you needed accomplished, he would be the one to get it done for you," said Davies.
Hundreds paid tribute to Neary at his funeral.
"Brothers showed up from all over, put on our best face. We marched and celebrated his life," said Davies.
Neary's picture still hangs in the Easton firehouse.