Easton woman supplies community with DIY hand-sanitizer

An Easton woman is helping her community combat any shortness of hand sanitizer by making it herself.
Sanitizer products are constantly flying off the shelves of stores as residents try to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak.
Devon Wible says when she heard the news about the spread of the virus, she ordered hand sanitizer online. However, she received a box of rubbing alcohol instead.
In order to make good use of the rubbing alcohol, she decided to use it to make her own hand sanitizing recipe by mixing it with aloe vera gel. She also mixes in a little lavender oil and a couple drops of baby oil.
Wible says she's been giving her hand sanitizer to neighbors and dropping it off at the senior center.         
"I think we should all be prepared just in case. I don't think panic is ever a good solution and for me knowing that I have things in my house that I need just in case, makes me feel relieved, happy and prepared,” she says.
However, residents should be aware that some recipes for hand sanitizer found online may not be potent enough to kill all germs, especially if it is diluted by other ingredients.