Effects of salmonella outbreak reach Connecticut

Public health officials are currently investigating multiple outbreaks of salmonella across the country, including in Connecticut.
The CDC announced on Tuesday that 92 people across the country have been diagnosed with salmonella infections. The outbreak has been identified in 29 states, including in Connecticut.
The bacteria was found in samples of raw chicken, live chickens and raw chicken pet food. Those who have gotten sick purchased their products at different locations, leading the CDC to believe it may be widespread in the chicken industry.
This particular strain is resistant to multiple antibiotics, but taking precautions like washing hands can keep people safe.
“The other thing to do is make sure you are cooking your raw poultry, which includes chicken breasts and chicken tenders, but also chicken sausage, chicken burgers, to a temperature of 165 degrees. I strongly recommend people get a meat thermometer and actually test the temperature of their poultry,” officials say.
There have been no deaths reported at this time, although the CDC says 21 people have been hospitalized.