Elected politicians bring new names, big changes to southwestern CT

As the state of Connecticut received tremendous national attention for their close congressional races and U.S. Senate local politicians celebrated their newly elected positions.William Tong (D-Stamford) and Kim Fawcett (D-Fairfield/Westport) not only represent the importance of local politics, they say they represent change. Tong now represents the 147th District, serving Stamford, while Fawcett represents the 133rd District serving Westport and Fairfield. They attribute their success to making personal connections with voters. Fawcett believes her win came from her door-to-door campaign where she made it her priority to speak with voters personally. Tong says he reached out by hand-written letters to all new voters, including students, reminding them of the importance of their vote.Tong and Fawcett spent Wednesday celebrating and recuperating from hard fought campaigns. Both candidates won their districts by narrow margins.