Crews complete emergency construction on Route 440

Emergency road construction on Route 440 in Hudson County has wrapped up, and the roadway reopened for commuters. 
The work was needed to replace a 100-year-old brick sewer line that was on the verge of collapsing. 
The construction lasted several weeks and caused detours and delays. 
“I’m glad it’s all over,” says John Mondry, of Jersey City. “It added at least an hour and a half to two hours per day because you had to go to Kennedy Boulevard, and it was a nightmare.” 
The construction issue itself was about 15 feet underground and discovered during other construction work.  
The issue needed to be repaired immediately because a collapse would have caused damage to various other important utilities that are also underground.   
“For me, it was taking an extra 20 minutes to get here,” says Aldo Sanchez, of Kearny. “So I was very happy to see this morning that the jughandle was open so I could make a right turn and come here.”  
The roadway at Danforth Avenue is now completely open.