Emergency services expert: Don't delay on addressing flooding in your home

Flash flooding could leave you with standing water inside your home - so what should you do if that happens?
News 12's John Craven talks to ServPro Emergency Services manager Andrew Rossi, who says to examine your gutters and check for leaks on the side of your house ahead of any rain.
Rossi says the company's water pump has gotten a lot of use this summer and can pump out 15 gallons of water.
"You connect some hoses to it, connects the wand to it. It has a hard surface," he says.
Rossi says ServPro has been using the pump daily - as untreated water damage could lead to mold.
"Water comes in through every nook and cranny possible - foundations. You know, all it takes is the slightest little crack for it to come pouring in," he says.
ServPro says the longer you wait, the more expensive the repair.
"People sometimes think they can fix it on their own. Then they realize, 'Oh, we have mold,'" he says.
Rossi says flood damage could cost at least $2,500 depending on the size of your house - but if left untreated, could cost a lot more.
Some insurance policies will cover flood damage, but it depends on which riders you have on your policy.