Erratic driver slams into Big Green Truck Pizza, destroying the vehicle

An out-of-control driver was caught on camera crashing into an antique pizza truck, sending it skidding across the road.
Big Green Truck Pizza is known for its 1940s international harvesters, which are outfitted with pizza ovens.
Over the weekend, one of the trucks was traveling on Interstate 91 near Middletown when a speeding driver slammed into a car before barreling into the truck, knocking it over. None of the workers in the truck were injured.
Not only is the owner Liane Page, dealing with the shock of what happened, but she is also trying to determine is the truck can be salvaged, and find a substitute vehicle for months of upcoming events.
"Seeing that, knowing that any car could have plowed into the cab, and they could have been seriously hurt, that was heart wrenching for me," said Page.
Page says police have not found the driver of the car yet.
She also says her office has been flooded with people calling offering to help, including filling in at parties the truck was scheduled for. There is a GoFundMe to help repair Big Green Truck Pizza, click here to donate.
Police say the driver of the car fled the scene on foot and is described as a Latino male. He was seen traveling southbound by Exit 21 wearing a gold Kobe Bryant jersey.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police.